Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Am a Reader

I am a reader. I have been shaped by books. I have a thirst, a need, a hunger, quenched only by reading. When I open a book, the pages of all the books I have ever read fall open before me. Every book leaves its signature on the fibers of my being. Words swim through my brain like little silver fish. I am born of ink and paper.

I am a book shark - I eat and I eat and I eat, never satisfied. I see a book that I think looks interesting - I take a bite. Sometimes, it's a surfboard. Sometimes it's a delicious seal. No matter - I swallow it down and go off in search of more. Must keep my two rows of teeth sharp. Must keep my brain swollen with information, fact or fiction. I sleep very little. I am a book predator.

I am a reader. Don't fuck with me.

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